The University of Skinflats EP
CD / Download
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Includes the singles ‘The Garden’
(feat. Annie Booth)
and ‘Through the Floors of a Starry Night’
(feat. Adam Stafford)

CD / DL features bonus track ‘Wanting What I Can’t Have (Out of the Swim Groove Dub Remix)’
by Carla J. Easton

The University of Skinflats EP is a collaborative project showcasing the talents of six of Scotland’s finest vocalists. Although there are contributions from Edinburgh and Glasgow, the EP features nine (out of 13) vocalists or musicians who live in or are originally from the band’s home town of Falkirk. The cover artwork was produced by Alloa-based artist Karen Strang, who’s also originally from Falkirk. See below for more information on the contributors.

Adam Stafford – Double album Fire Behind the Curtain receives five star review in The Skinny. Debut album Imaginary Walls Collapse longlisted for Scottish Album of the Year in 2014. Former member of Y’all Is Fantasy Island. Award winning filmmaker. Vocalist on track 1, ‘Through the Floors of a Starry Night.’

Annie Booth – Debut solo album An Unforgiving Light and follow-up EP Spectral released to critical acclaim. SAMA nominated in 2019. Also a member of six-piece Mt. Doubt. Vocalist on track 2, ‘The Garden.’

David King – Member of disquieting alt-pop four-piece Vulture Party. Former member of Falkirk alt-folk collective Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo. Vocalist on track 3, ‘Hold On (For Liberty).’

Louise Ward – Member of disquieting alt-pop four-piece Vulture Party. Performs solo material under Martha and the Moodies. Former member of Louise Against the Elements. Performed on Sweetheart of the Prison Rodeo’s final album Pigs in the Bull Ring (Humans Like Beasts). Choreographer and Dancer. Vocalist on track 4, ‘Raptors’ and backing vocalist on track 3, ‘Hold On (For Liberty).’

Lily Higham – Member of L-space / Post Coal Prom Queen. Albums Kipple Arcadia and Feed the Engines! well received by critics. Features in the choir on Adam Stafford’s Fire Behind the Curtain. Vocalist on track 5, ‘Dissolver.’

Ross Fairweather – Solo singer-songwriter. Former member of Fairweather and The Elements. Has written and performed songs for Falkirk F.C. Vocalist on track 6, ‘Race for the Prize.’

Carla J. Easton – Solo album Impossible Stuff shortlisted for Scottish Album of the Year in 2019. Single ‘Wanting What I Can’t Have’ named BBC Scotland single of the week in 2018. Former member of Teen Canteen. Vocalist on the CD/DL bonus track, ‘Wanting What I Can’t Have (Out of the Swim Groove Dub Remix).’

The University of Skinflats also features Susan Appelbe on cello (‘Through the Floors of a Starry Night’, ‘Hold On (For Liberty)’ and ‘Dissolver’), Robert Henderson on trumpet (‘Raptors’ and ‘Race for the Prize’) and Gordon Johnstone on synth (‘Dissolver’).

All songs written by Out of the Swim and individual track contributors, except ‘Wanting What I Can’t Have’, written by Carla J. Easton.

Plean International Airport EP

Collaborative project with drummer David Dowell, guitarist Bryan Dignan, cellist Susan Appelbe and vocalists Gordon White
and Louise Inglis

Download / Listen here

A live track and a demo featuring Bryan Dignan on guitar
and Gordon White on vocals

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